Fengyang Taoist Chinese Medicine

Fengyang TCM is a 1,750 year old system of Chinese Medicine, that for the first time in history is being taught in the West. Dr. Ming Wu is a 20th generation practitioner. Read The Origin Story

1,750 Years Old

Fengyang TCM is a proven system of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries.  This system is credited with healing hundreds of thousands of people.

Complete Healing System

Herbal medicine, external medicine, & healing teas.  Tui Na acupressure, Wu Way Qi Gong, and Wu Way Tai Chi…Fengyang TCM includes everything.

New to the West

After it was almost wiped off the face of the Earth, Dr. Ming Wu is bringing Fengyang TCM into the awareness of the West, out of China, for the first time in history.


20th Gen. Practitioner

Dr. Wu is the 20th generation descendant in the long line of Fengyang TCM practitioners, dating back to Dong Feng himself (the creator of this system)

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Discover the Powerful 1,750 Year Old Chinese Medicine System That Was Almost Lost To The Earth

Fengyang TCM was almost entirely lost to the world by the end of the Qing Dynasty (in the early 1900’s).   Those who are still aware of these teachings live in secluded areas in Guangdong, China and rarely leave.  This system has never spread past that area.  Dr. Ming Wu has studied Fengyang medicine his entire life (since age 7), and has been teaching in the U.S. for 27 years.

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If you are curious to see what Fengyang TCM medicine can do for you, you can book a long distance session with Dr. Wu now.  He will be happy to chat with you and see what is right for you.

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